About Us

Ninemia Jewellery is a company that specialises in handmade jewellery,  founded by Greek designer Maria Kouniou in 2014 and headquartered in Mykonos, Greece.

Her precious childhood memories of her grandfather's weaving – tailor workshop resurfaced years later  after she had completed her studies in Economics & Administration. At the same time while she was working as an accountant ,  she realized that what she had always wanted to do is to be creative and innovative in any shape or form. Initially she designed her own jewellery for personal use,  but due to high demand,  she decided to create her own range of handmade jewellery and offer it to the public.

It was almost inevitable for Maria to come up with the brand Ninemia.
She named the company Ninemia [greek: νηνεμία] 1. windlessness, apnea || the peace created by apnea in the sea  2. (ut.) Absolute calm, absence of mental or social tension, due to the fact that she wanted to include this element in her life.

Ninemia Collection includes limited edition jewellery pieces, rings , pendants and bracelets for men and women with a variety of stones and color combinations. The collection has also been enriched by handmade crochet bags and caftans that come with a very imperial and timeless style. The materials that are used within the Ninemia Jewellery Collection are sterling silver, gold , semi precious stones and natural materials.

With Maria's perseverance and passion,  she managed and to obtain a followers base from all over the world, within a short period of time.